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Wide range of Services

Leal is known for its self developed production systems backed by modern machines and concepts. Leal also uses the current technologies available with its associates for better manufacturing results.

Leal’s expertise ensures faultless and perfect running of machines and hence processes. Appropriate machines, recognized work practices, and suitably trained personnel brings out a good machine, on time post sale support, ensures efficient operation of Pasteurizers. Leal is able to suggest alternate solutions to its client with its vast experience and proven data base acquired over a long tenure.

Leal Provide:

¤ AMCs’ of the machines and comprehensive repairs.
¤ Critical examinations for Preventive maintenance of machines to ensure smooth & effective operation & better uptime of the machine.
¤ Renovation of old machines and their upgrading, &retrofits.
¤ Spare parts are available readily most f the times or could be arranged at shortest possible lead-times.
¤ We will train your workers in our factory or we can organize training in your plant.
¤ We provide assistance to solve the problems connected with the machine operation, buying a new machine or rebuilding the existing plants
¤ Continuous and consistent co-operation with the our customers after installation of the equipment brings us new ideas for the machine improvement, helps us enhance the machine functions and brings new value added functionalities specific to locations.

Leal has always worked upon close association with all its business associates and more so with clients. Unique working conditions and specific features requirement, of varied users, has been a continuous input for incorporation of many a value added provisions in the Pasteurizer.