About Us

Shortly About Leal

The company was founded in the year 2001, to manufacture Tunnel Spray Pasteurizers & Bottle Conveyors. Leal entered the fray when the industry was on the lookout for appropriate home grown machines to suit upcoming projects with cost effective and reliable technologies. Leal fitted the role and grew in strength and stature.

Leal’s passion for continuous improvement and quality enhancement was amplified by its rapid increase in clientele. Customization of machines for individual requirements, value added features and reliability helped Leal to reach the level of largest supplier of Pasteurizers in India 60machines in 12 years.

Leal’s prolonged existence and endurance has made it a lively, active, energetic and contemporary organization. Leal relied on its yearning for industry induced product improvement resulting in guaranteed process repeatability and durability.

The Company


The company believed in developing more suitable machines to needs of individual breweries, with even minor variations, when required, instead of clinging to fixed catalogue models. This combined with a client relevant costing strategy has helped Leal gain a user friendly company status. The company also consciously designed its machines with less proprietary systems and bought outs and more of off the trade items to ensure lesser dependency on manufacturer.

Leal also supports the clientele with rapid supplies of spares for better uptime of machines. The service support is forte of Leal for swift deployment of trained technicians at short notices.